Learning ubiquitous reference … 01

This may become a series:

Having taken Andy Burkhardt’s suggestion and set up a few feeds from Twitter searches, I’ve seen local tweets about books, reading, study etc ….

And so I wonder (because I am not yet a reference or social librarian): if a social librarian were to pick up messages like these, what would be a suitable reply?  Ah. That, I guess, will derive from the strategy which would have preceded (and been reviewed perhaps after) the listening stage 😛


(@simbera: “…Barely an hour into Ryan Holiday’s “Trust Me I’m Lying” and I’m already blown away. You need to read it. Yes, you. …”)

… might s/he (the librarian that is) tweet jovially about finding it at the library with the permalink to the item in the catalogue? (assuming there was one,).

This sounds like a fun game.

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