A is for Arbitrary

Want to play a game? Tell me what you think of when you hear “Arbitrary”?

Where did that come from? Read on…

Con’s “C is for…” post in my Twitter Stream (thank you echofon firefox plugin) made me curious (which gives me a good word for C) so I investigated the A-Z Blogging Challenge. Unfortunately Discipline prevents me from opting in to the challenge at this time.

Even so, her beginning Awesome post made me ponder what my A would be. Ambition was the first word I thought of – both for the challenge (it clearly represents a strategy for keeping up the practice of writing for those who have writing/publishing as an ambition), and for one of my goals in blogging Anyway: to be seen. But that would be too introspective and, like Con, I don’t want to write again about why I (would again if I had time) blog.

(And) then a neural connection fired from my Upwords game this with Cecilia this morning, and the random blogging I did a few years ago inspired by words from scrabble games: I could narrow the field of the challenge: look for an obscure (A-Z) word in a dictionary – and tie it somehow to some current matter that might interest my potential Audience.

All of these Words for which I have emboldened the initial fired off ideas I might blog sometime.  Would I use A-Z as a category or a tag?

Upwords board at end of game

Aside from the ‘random obscure dictionary words’ (t)heme what other themes could I choose?

Professionalism? Librarianship – or perhaps a theme on my notion that little of what our field calls librarianship is occupationally or professionally distinctive, so much not a field in which ‘we’ are the experts? Would that be tactless, career suicide? Or just arbitrarily non-constructive?

So how do you feel about “Arbitrary”?

Photo Challenge: Change

In between what was and what will be is what is.

I like that time, sometimes – when something is neither one thing nor another, but something more interesting in between. And then again, much of the time, I do not like either the time or the space of transition. It is uncertain, unfinished, scarey, awkward, embarrassing. I live there it seems. Do I live in transition because it is more comfortable than completion, or is it because nothing is ever truly complete?

“No, I do not want to see that I look Centauri on a bad hair day”

My young “No I don’t want to see that I look Centauri on a bad hair day” is really “No do not take a photo of me, I will get you back for this one day” and also (now) “Go ahead Mum, you can use the photo”.

I cannot think of my enjoyment of my sons’ changes without being aware of the consistencies, which makes me think about the cliché: that the more things change, the more things stay the same. And that refrain pretty much sums up how I felt preparing my essay for INF 303. My essay was complete enough for submission, but as usual, not completely satisfying. Perhaps I did not give enough credit for significance either to the latest technologic changes or possible societal changes.

I lay here pondering via touch screen, and if I change my habit to publish instead of let the post molder in draft [update: I didn’t, I wrote this on 13 April], my mental debris might float into someone else’s view. Is that significant? Sure I cannot know where it might end up. But neither could anyone from pre-writing days who shared their thoughts.

Now it is time to change for bed, the same bed I have had for too many years, in a new bedroom, with new sheets and my long time favourite pillow that I want to replace, but only for another shaped just like it.

Stimulus Thanks to the WordPress Daily Posts Weekly Photo Challenge