A dinner party with Terry Pratchett would be … #blogjune

… fascinating, obviously
… and a great reason to travel to wherever it was to be held

Borneo orangutan
Daniel Rubio via Compfight
… a great reason to study how to do the dinner party thing
… a reason to seek out and read all the interviews he has given
… also a good fundraiser?
… but mostly a cruel topic for my sis to suggest.

Its easier to imagine observing, or later hearing about, the conversation Cecilia might have with him at a dinner party.

Needing inspiration, I’ve checked out the website sis linked… Hm, I don’t recall hearing about Raising Steam, so this was a good time to sign up for the newsletter:

Sign up to the Terry Pratchett newsletter


Talking about dinner… Mr 16 just served a scrumptious Chicken & chorizo puff pie (thanks, Sorted).

So Sis: What is June to you?



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