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Only one thing easy about this one sis: its easy to find beautiful pictures on Flickr.

Masked! Darkness And All That It Brings To Light.
Creative Commons License “Masked! Darkness and all that it brings to light” by Christina Saint Marche via Compfight

And that is going to be my response, a few more images on the “Masks” theme:

Or for my friend into archaeology:

Creative Commons License “Goldilocks?” by Carsten ten Brink via Compfight

Photoshoppers have a great time, I hear, with masking tools (Mr 16 tells me this is a good example):

Creative Commons License “Self-portrait” by Paul Cleary via Compfight

And what else would you do with masking tape?

Half mask 20
Creative Commons License “Half mask 20” by Jeff Jacobson-Swartfager via Compfight

OR via Google images:

For those of us who need (want) to learn more about IT: subnet masks:

Subnet Mask ... You're doing it wrong. By deputycleric at Icanhascheezburger
“Subnet mask” by deputycleric at Icanhascheezburger

And that’s enough.

Sis: Spin off from any other #blogjune posts that inspire you.

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