New Year’s Day 2015 = colourful

In jigsaws and company.

Treasure hunt bookshelf by Aimee Stewart

What are your New Year traditions?

For many years my sons and I have had a variety of ‘traditions’ for New Year – being together and with other people we want in our lives, eating treats from our Dutch heritage, blowing bubbles, wearing new clothes, burning words. It has also become ‘traditional’ to do jigsaw puzzles with GUF and any other loved ones we can wrangle–this year the above was the first beauty of the day. The bubbles, new clothes and burning were given a miss this year while my back recovered from excess end-of-year cleaning.

This year we’ve been delighted that my friend Ceccy‘s visit for digital professional development lasted over the change of year.  Life is lovelier when Ceccy is around.