DIY desktop icons with IrfanView #blogjune

Three of my custom desktop icons and IrfanViewNo fuss, no bother,

IrfanView quickly converts my .jpg images to .ico ; giving me visually meaningful desktop icons.

Recently I became interested in customising my desktop icons. Specifically (so far): shortcuts to webpages which otherwise would, by default, show the browser’s icon. Regular readers may recall that Mr 17 helpfully photoshopped two creative commons images into one; and that it was only after much fuss I found an online converter to achieve an .ico file.

… and more (later)…

Apparently IrfanView is capable of tons more than this little thing I needed.  It will come in handy:

  • when I have time to learn more about optimising (beyond cropping and resizing images with Paint to 500px or less before uploading)
  • or for working with layers (see if I can stretch beyond the gimp tutorials with which I made a couple of textures for SecondLife).
also creates slideshows and more
Find out more and download at IrfanView

How simple?

For future reference, with IrfanView icons are a simple matter of:

File Save Picture As
File, Save Picture As, .ico

Thanks Irfan.

Will he earn a place on my toolbar?
Will he earn a place on my toolbar?

How to Auto-share WordPress blogposts to Google+ and Facebook = Jetpack

Specifically: Publicize

Screenshot of Jetpack features in WordPress Dashboard
Screenshot of Jetpack features in WordPress Dashboard

Efficiency regained

Since shifting from my old moonflowerdragon blog at blogspot to my own hosted WordPress site, and making a second Twitter account, my link to auto-share to Facebook broke.  I had also long ago failed to find a way to auto-post to Google+.  But apparently I can now do the latter, and Facebook direct, via the Jetpack suite.

I am not sure how it will work given that unchecked all the boxes that would otherwise have let the app see who was in my circles, or friends list.  Why would the app need to know that?

Thanks Jetpack Support

Publicize from WordPress with Jetpack

Take the Wikipedia Adventure? #newCardigans

Listen to Wikipedia

your mission, should you choose to accept it…

#newCardigans, colleagues, friends, family… is to take the Wikipedia Adventure.

Start the Wikipedia Adventure, learn to edit in under an hour
Start the Wikipedia Adventure, a guided journey through editing Wikipedia

Even if you’ve already started editing Wikipedia, I’m curious whether you think the Adventure is something you’d recommend?  I’ve edited in minor ways a few times since 2012, so I still have a lot to learn and did even within the first mission.

Screenshot celebrating my first mission success and invitation to Mission 2
Screenshot of progress to Mission 2

Please comment if/when you have started/completed one of the missions (either below, or on my User talk page).

What journey brought you here?

Do you remember we talked about how the journey is as/more important than the destination?

My journey to this post:

A long-term interest in Wikipedia(+)Libraries

From Google calendar reminder to email something or other

where I was reminded that the Wikipedia Library is looking for volunteers

Wikipedia Library Calls for Volunteers
Learning what Wikipedia Library volunteers do

wondering about current coordinators

starting with Ocaasi, where I found the Adventure

undertook a mission, became excited, started to share

and after many, many diversions* over the last four hours,

finally, finish this post with a recommendation that you:

Listen to Wikipedia

Live, or here is a snippet:

*please ask me about them.

Listen to Wikipedia

Inspired by 23 famous failures #blogjune

Instead of sleeping I have been trying to trim my backlog of feeds. Good News Network pointed me at  Brad Aronson’s list of famous failures. Suddenly, I decided to stop worrying.
My résumé is a work in progress; my blog may be a baby, but I am not. My homemade business card may go over poorly, but at least I have one ready in case of need at the CardiParty tomorrow later today. If they fail, I will keep learning and experimenting.
So, tell me what you think.