Flight #NLS7 LANDED Post-flight check

So many things to do, ASAP:

  1. Reconnect with loved ones (my lovely sons picked me up from the airport late last night)
  2. Respond to anything urgent that arose while I was gone (nope, all clear)
  3. Unpack & clean (mm, in progress)
  4. Sit, rest, think (perhaps next weekend)
  5. Thank the organisers:
  6. Transfer notes – particularly capturing Action items (see posts to follow) (or I might add to the NLS7 Etherpad Stephen Chang started)
  7. Thank presenters and participants (see posts to follow)
  8. Report to and thank funder (me, this time–but I may still prepare a report).

What do you do when you return from conference?

* OMG YUM – Thank you Pot Belly – that was possibly some of the yummiest food I have ever eaten.

One comment on “Flight #NLS7 LANDED Post-flight check

  1. I am looking forward to my big conference. Hope it is as well catered for as yours. Favourite librarian can you please show me how to do an excel spreadsheet without my brain collapsing?

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