About micameerbach.com (the website)

This is the place at which I write and play since 2012. Before then I blogged – and dabbled all over – as moonflowerdragon. I like that screen-name (feel free to guess why), and forseeably the topics will follow the same thread: whatever I’m learning and finding interesting often within the realm of librarianship, and web technologies.

I doubt “Mica Meerbach” will be any more memorable, and probably less easy to spell from its sound, than moonflowerdragon. So why the change?

Let’s put it down to experimentation with a hint of ambition.

However I periodically consider switching back to moonflowerdragon–any thoughts on that?

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About Me: Mica Meerbach

Labelled variously: Mica, Michaelina, Mike (once-upon-a-time), moonflowerdragon, Mum, dag, I:

  • love organising and finding the information people need;
  • enjoy sparking a light of understanding in peoples’ eyes;
  • talk to the screen (computer, tv, xoom, movies);
  • value compassionate communication and constructive critique;
  • practice librarianship, for:
    • State Library of Victoria, and
    • public library in Wyndham.

To contact me

  • mica {dot} meerbach [at] gmail [dot] com


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