Paper maker and arachnophile?

An interesting way to decorate paper or preserve a spider?

I’m not sure my son’s hand-sized spider friend Roger would look quite so good squashed into paper, but it might be fascinating to compare with the 17th century specimen (above) held by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Rare Book & Manuscript Library.

Sadly, I note that the descriptive record of his tomb has not yet mentioned the presence of Ze C.S. Pholcidae.


“Screw your courage to the sticking-place” #tagprompt

Readers may blame my *dear* sister for this topic, the first in a restart of last year’s tag-team series.

My inner sook thought “What would I do with a Shakespeare quote”.

This is of course, a line of Lady MacBeth’s (in the Tragedy of MacBeth, Act I, Scene 7), in which she urges action as a matter of resolve.  Never mind that its evil, or wrong, or unwise–its a matter of courage so grows some balls mate.

My poorly-developed inner artist wonders “how might I represent that visually?”.

But I cut that thought short.

hotskytrotsky titled two very interesting 8tracks playlists with the phrase (Volume I, Volume II)–apparently (the following links tumblr-typical being sparse on context) in association with a story or two involving princesses: Volume I for a wizard one princess taught to love again; and Volume II for eight castle-confined daughters who face struggles.
While we’re thinking laterally I think it might have been a bit of a stretch the way it was used in Digital Microscopy: Methods in Cell Biology as if courage is merely a call on time and effort.

My inner reference librarian thinks ‘context’ and ‘sources’.

As in, for this game (context), I need not look too far beyond Google and such easy to find if unscholarly resources like enotes, whose unattributed commentary settles on opinions as to its meaning from (sources) the OED (referring to “twisting of a tuning peg until it becomes set in its hole”) and The Riverside Shakespeare (sticking-place being “the mark to which a soldier screwed up the cord of a crossbow.”) But to the latter I believe more apropos might be‘s second definition

the place in the lower part of an animal’s neck where the knife is thrust in slaughtering.”

This suggests that either the situation calls for both courage and focus (as in targetting), or that fine focus on one’s specific task (rather than the bigger/longer picture) may build or substitute for courage.

At this point the topic seems to call for an image, but the paths I followed were too gruesome / too pretty to attach to the topic. Do suggest something.

My inner scholar thinks “what is already out there”.

kathrynruthd posted that it is one of the Shakespeare quotes through which she sought inspiration. More interesting were her prior and following posts: 2013 job search (I wonder how that went); and the positive role of Twitter in her friendships, learning and life experiences.

My inner gamer thinks “that’s enough”

I could keep exploring this theme, but I want to go play Theme Hospital again.

So: Shakespeare’s (Lady MacBeth’s) context turns me off this line as inspiration to act.  I’ll not beat myself with the “courage” stick to get myself to act.

Focus, on the other hand, would be lovely–so how does a multipotentialite achieve that? Hm, not? Apparently, instead, according to Emilie Wapnick, our skills are idea synthesis, rapid learning and adaptability; and such skills are needed for the “complex multidimensional problems in the world right now” for which we need “creative, out-of-the-box thinkers”… we should “*embrace* our many passions,  follow our curiosity down those rabbit holes and explore our intersections”.

Over to you…

Next prompt = “Wait for it….”



Take the Wikipedia Adventure? #newCardigans

Listen to Wikipedia

your mission, should you choose to accept it…

#newCardigans, colleagues, friends, family… is to take the Wikipedia Adventure.

Start the Wikipedia Adventure, learn to edit in under an hour
Start the Wikipedia Adventure, a guided journey through editing Wikipedia

Even if you’ve already started editing Wikipedia, I’m curious whether you think the Adventure is something you’d recommend?  I’ve edited in minor ways a few times since 2012, so I still have a lot to learn and did even within the first mission.

Screenshot celebrating my first mission success and invitation to Mission 2
Screenshot of progress to Mission 2

Please comment if/when you have started/completed one of the missions (either below, or on my User talk page).

What journey brought you here?

Do you remember we talked about how the journey is as/more important than the destination?

My journey to this post:

A long-term interest in Wikipedia(+)Libraries

From Google calendar reminder to email something or other

where I was reminded that the Wikipedia Library is looking for volunteers

Wikipedia Library Calls for Volunteers
Learning what Wikipedia Library volunteers do

wondering about current coordinators

starting with Ocaasi, where I found the Adventure

undertook a mission, became excited, started to share

and after many, many diversions* over the last four hours,

finally, finish this post with a recommendation that you:

Listen to Wikipedia

Live, or here is a snippet:

*please ask me about them.

Listen to Wikipedia

New Year’s Day 2015 = colourful

In jigsaws and company.

Treasure hunt bookshelf by Aimee Stewart

What are your New Year traditions?

For many years my sons and I have had a variety of ‘traditions’ for New Year – being together and with other people we want in our lives, eating treats from our Dutch heritage, blowing bubbles, wearing new clothes, burning words. It has also become ‘traditional’ to do jigsaw puzzles with GUF and any other loved ones we can wrangle–this year the above was the first beauty of the day. The bubbles, new clothes and burning were given a miss this year while my back recovered from excess end-of-year cleaning.

This year we’ve been delighted that my friend Ceccy‘s visit for digital professional development lasted over the change of year.  Life is lovelier when Ceccy is around.

The most challenging thing about today was … #blogjune

Thanks sis. The contemplating caterpillar suggested I share the most challenging thing about today.

? … ?

Challenging: testing one’s abilities.

Wanted :

I wanted a way to extract data from particular cells in multiple workbooks to give me an index to the content of those books (which are named with numbers).


I had no prior background in VBA, but with a rough question google helped me find a macro by Ron deBruin that I guessed might do something like that… then I worked out how to edit the macro, then how to run it.

The Country Town _ 2000 pc jigsaw puzzle
This big (2000 piece) old puzzle and my job have much in common. (The puzzle is called “The Country Town” Tower Press. (c.1960). Gold Medal #4774)

But the post title is also true, #blogjune may arguably be the most challenging: it is taking longer, has looser parameters, and its hard to know when its done.

Payback, sis:

What makes some challenges enjoyable, but others unpleasant.