Coming soon …

yellow rosebudShall we call it play, experimentation, fiddling, tinkering…?

Going on past experiences, this won’t be the first time I’m blogging late at night, beyond the time of clear thinking but desperate to get scattered thoughts *down*.


– love them hate them, but at times like these its the best I can do.


I want a responsive theme, but how can I add more personality, life, colour to this one without losing simplicity?

“Online learning journal”

In the coming semester I will be taking INF206 “Social networking for information professionals” at Charles Sturt University.  Will its content meet my need?

LIS Conference first-timer’s experience

Blogging about preparing for a conference is not really new, yet I’m of a mind to synthesise my own preparations, questions and reflections.  The process includes as much of setting a frame of mind as remembering maternal admonitions against negativity.