Newish information professionals and fearless risk-taking

What does big, bold, fearless, barrier breaking information professional practice look like (not this)?

Ross Harvey curmudgeon-ing?

Ross Harvey queried the value of new professionals groups, particularly in Melbourne, stating “we don’t want in our information professions people, whether ‘new’ or not, who continue to need the props that supportive environments provide”. Really? We don’t want as colleagues people who need supportive environments?  What an odd thought.

I wonder whether Ross’ query arises from the contrasts in his sources.

  1. On the one hand Ross seems to prefer a (UK-based, and relevant here) notion where a ‘new professional’ is one either (a) still in, or (b) recently finished course, or (c) in first post;
  2. So he is apparently bothered by his perceptions of a recent ‘proliferation’ of ‘new professional’ groups in Melbourne; apparently (from the above-quoted statement) because they may be serving/supporting people beyond such early situations—yet if Ross is thinking of the group newCardigan, as commenter Hugh surmises, then he has misapprehended that group’s purpose (think more new=fresh-thinking rather than new=young); and
  3. And Ross’s perception of what our profession *does* need is quoted from a report “Re-envisioning the MLS” prepared for a USA audience–where the professional status applies only to postgraduates.  In Australia one may start an information profession with an undergraduate degree in LIS.
What does big, bold, fearless, barrier breaking information professional practice look like (not this)?
CC-BY-NC image by Jon Lucas of Daniel Ilabaca performing handstand on a balcony rail from Flickr (not big, bold, fearless, barrier-breaking information professional practice?)

When my convention-bending is limited to vocabulary

So tell me–because I’m clearly not a bold, fearless, risk-taking, god-send to the profession who would, without support, obviously know –from whom does Ross expect the (un-propped) big, bold, fearless, barrier-breaking activity?  And, what does such activity look like?  On the one hand it seems like he is saying anyone beyond their first post should be kicking up an (unsupported) storm rather than collaboratively networking.

Yet the plea seems as directed to we ‘true’ new professionals, and if so I wonder: how is an Australian *new* information ‘professional’, ie one still in, or just out of their course (which in Australia may be a first undergraduate) going to be in a space/state of knowledge & power (particularly if they lack as yet a position) where they might “go ‘big’; break down disciplinary, social, and professional barriers”?

Perhaps, Ross might be bothered by the co-existence of “newCardigan“–started (I believe) by mostly mid/early-mid-career librarian-flock information professionals eager to connect with other-flock information professionals without the restrictions of flock-bound professional associations; and “GLAMR new professionals“–created within the archive-flock ASA.

While both bear the word “new” – they’re using it differently (new-thinking .v. newly-minted), have different structures (one monthly parties with only the support of colleagues; one unknown frequency with the support of an association), and probably have different goals, except when occasionally their goals of breaking down disciplinary, social and professional barriers intersects with (for one potentially including, and the other directed specifically at) new professionals.

Hey, I wonder if those groups might be interested in whatever b&f-b3u3 things it is that Ross wants to see?

I missed a day — and I liked it #blogjune

I missed a day –

Somewhere in our exchange of posts I missed a topic from my sister, and Sunday flowed away with perhaps a passing thought to #blogjune sometime during the night.

-and I liked it

For most of Sunday I worked on a jigsaw puzzle with my uncle (my sons’ GUF).

Sunday's puzzle


So today, when I finally saw the topic sis suggested I write about: “the benefits and difficulties of prioritising”, I figured this all ties in.

The biggest benefit of prioritising is that:

you get to choose

You can prioritise what makes you happy, or satisfied or what you think will take you towards your goals, or what you believe (true or not) to be important. The second biggest benefit is that you get to rationalise your priorities in ways that make you feel good, and maybe feel that the world becomes a better place.

Bike boulevard in Tucson
Creative Commons License Steven Vance via Compfight

The difficulties of prioritising are:

  1. choosing, and
  2. knowing enough about the choices (recognising all one’s options, risks & benefits of the choices), and
  3. accepting outcomes and
  4. owning even the negative outcomes of the choice.

Over to sis:

Tell everyone about this:

Wet penguins

#blogjune When it starts to rain.

That has something of the rhythm of a Tamarian phrase – but not a consistent allusion.

Sometimes it is delight: when one smells the geosmin–hope begins and grows with the gentle fall of a sweet, welcome rain.
Creative Commons License seyed mostafa zamani via Compfight

Sometimes when it starts to rain I think of someone who enjoys rain the way I do.

Other times I squeak with frustration as I quickly but too late remember the clothes on the line.

Optimism Unhinged
Creative Commons License “Optimism Unhinged” by Cindy Kilpatrick via Compfight

But sometimes it feels like grief–when the rain falls particularly loudly or heavily.

Creative Commons License seyed mostafa zamani via Compfight

Happy/victory dancing during #blogjune

Thanks for the bounce sis.

Creative Commons License by Will Montague via Compfight

Right now I’m happy dancing for sis and victory dancing for Cecilia. So much joy in the same week 😀

I’ve been happy/victory dancing all week*, and last**:

victory dance
Creative Commons License Jessica Lucia via Compfight

  • Essay submitted = no more stress/guilt to oppress my everyday joy.
  • My rate of cataloguing increased.
  • Initially for the mental exercise I worked up an excel solution to a time-consuming process in the project: each formula I created that worked was another dance 🙂
    • Then the whole idea worked … ヘ( ̄ー ̄ヘ)
    • and the team liked it … └(★o★)┐
    • then there were tweaks to make it better … ヾ(。⌒∇⌒)ノ
    • Then one of the project leads liked it; … 〈( ^.^)ノ
    • then there were even better tweaks
    • then it worked better … ヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ
    • then there were issues that let me learn something else about excel to fix it
    • then other project leads liked it … ヾ(*⌒ヮ⌒*)ゞ
    • then I found out that the first of those formulae had been completely unnecessary (Thank you T) but still I had learned a neat trick.


dancing on top of the world
Creative Commons License Lara Cores via Compfight

*(Actually I’ve been regularly dancing since I started cataloguing with the state library: (a) the people are lovely, (b) I am solving puzzles everyday)

**Hm, some of those I should not share publicly, so to those who were so kind, thanks again.

In five years time I’d like to be … wittier for #blogjune

That is, in five years’ time I’d like to be … ending such a lead with brilliance, instead of borrowing other people’s wit that I barely understand:

Defining targets differently
Creative Commons License “Defining targets differently” by Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig via Compfight

I simply do not have ambitions that far in advance (other than finishing a course–and I am doing that this year–and do not want to do again).

Waterhouse: The Crystal Ball
Creative Commons License “Waterhouse: The Crystal Ball” via freeparking 😐 via Compfight

–Politics Alert–

From within my foggy ball of vague hopes, something that floats to the top of my positive future dreams would be:

In five years time I’d like to be celebrating Australia returning to the pursuit of fairer national policies.

Sis, your topic for tomorrow:

Now, this topic is partly selfish (because I want you to throw it back to me) but mostly hoping to shoot a lot lower than overwhelm:

What is something recent that made you do a happy/victory dance?