#\:D/ : Screenshooting, cursor too

…with IrfanView

While Snipping Tool still delights me, today I learned to Capture a screenshot with IrfanView that shows the mouse cursor! … \:D/

In brief:

Open Irfan View -> Options -> Capture/Screenshot (check/modify settings) -> Start -> Ctrl-F11

To clarify: the settings to manage screen capture in IrfanView are accessed through the Options menu, being sixth available option if canvas is blank.


Capture Setup has many controls. I set the capture area to Foreground window. I left capture method at default Hot Key CTRL+F11. I left default at including mouse cursor. And after the capture show in main window of IrfanView.

IrfanView Capture Setup has four bundles of options. Capture Area has seven types from full desktop area to a fixed screen rectangle. Capture method can be by hotkey or automatic on timer. After the capture offers four options, to show, copy to clipboard, send to printer or save. Finally in addition to default mouse cursor, two other options area to scroll window and set when to stop, if filming.

Yes will need to crop

But cropping–once I realised* how (when there is an image on the canvas and no paint tools selected, just left click drag, let-go, Ctrl+Y)–is also rather nifty in IrfanView, offering (via Edit -> Show selection grid) a golden ratio grid.

*(thanks to Lord Spam Magnet & Grinler at BleepingComputers)

PS – if you were wondering

  • \:D/ in title is a Happy Dance
  • the screenshot for which I wanted a cursor…
    Pasting values only (or paste as plain text) in Google Sheets…relates to a possible future post about importing+keeping Google Search results for a google portion of a literature review.

How to Auto-share WordPress blogposts to Google+ and Facebook = Jetpack

Specifically: Publicize

Screenshot of Jetpack features in WordPress Dashboard
Screenshot of Jetpack features in WordPress Dashboard

Efficiency regained

Since shifting from my old moonflowerdragon blog at blogspot to my own hosted WordPress site, and making a second Twitter account, my link to auto-share to Facebook broke.  I had also long ago failed to find a way to auto-post to Google+.  But apparently I can now do the latter, and Facebook direct, via the Jetpack suite.

I am not sure how it will work given that unchecked all the boxes that would otherwise have let the app see who was in my circles, or friends list.  Why would the app need to know that?

Thanks Jetpack Support

Publicize from WordPress with Jetpack