Flight #NLS7 LANDED Post-flight check

So many things to do, ASAP:

  1. Reconnect with loved ones (my lovely sons picked me up from the airport late last night)
  2. Respond to anything urgent that arose while I was gone (nope, all clear)
  3. Unpack & clean (mm, in progress)
  4. Sit, rest, think (perhaps next weekend)
  5. Thank the organisers:
  6. Transfer notes – particularly capturing Action items (see posts to follow) (or I might add to the NLS7 Etherpad Stephen Chang started)
  7. Thank presenters and participants (see posts to follow)
  8. Report to and thank funder (me, this time–but I may still prepare a report).

What do you do when you return from conference?

* OMG YUM – Thank you Pot Belly – that was possibly some of the yummiest food I have ever eaten.