Picks of the tweets … 001

Today (or maybe everyday, this is a first so who knows) I found and enjoyed:


(Collin Van Uden) tweeted: @stilgherrian No, *it’s* factual. “Everything” is SATISfactual. And here I thought you were a fan of good research.

While we’re on a philosophy kick, how about a round of

What’s ‘the most important thing?’

At that moment, in that conversation it was for

(rob harris) : @marcmcgowan84 But your readers read him in your paper before they heard from him elsewhere. That’s the most important thing.

Yin + Yang
Creative Commons License Hartwig HKD via Compfight & Flickr

These tweets were found because I set up some librarianesque social media monitoring following examples by Andy Burkhardt.

I also found a new way to enter images by using the Compfight WordPress plugin which searches CC licensed images at Flickr and then inserts with a button.  It is not yet perfect, but it might beat what I was doing before. Nevertheless, for the record, downsides:

  • the thumbnails are too small to see whether I really want that image;
  • when I want to use an image both in the post and featured I have to repeat the steps;
  • I haven’t worked out how to get it to caption satisfactorily.

Webcomics I read

… when I am not too busy on the learning spiral


  • I have been reflecting on my past use of delicious (by searching my other blog)
  • In one post I mentioned experimenting with delicious as a startpage (apparently not a great idea, and despite my “mmf” I am now using igoogle);
  • At the bottom of that post, one of the three pretty “You might also like” sourced by the lovely widget LinkWithin mentioned a post I’d written about one of the webcomics I read;
  • Prompting me to remember that on my Xoom I have a direct (bookmark) icon to my webcomic tag on delicious – to access all the ones I am reading;
  • Giving me a lovely topic upon which to test whether I can still get a linkroll to work:

Webcomics I read (via Delicious Curator):

This took a little effort to learn. On first test, it created a nice little post for me–BUT–I had failed to ensure that the tag it drew in was unique to only those bookmarks I wanted to include. Then, after I had tidied them all up with better notes and titles and gave them an additional tag, Delicious Curator would not take them again under the same tag (even with a second tag).  I finally told it to use just the new tag and this time it worked, even if it is not pretty.

Detours (to a linkroll widget)

My oh my oh my, what a drama. In between giving up and finally succeeding with the above I dithered around trying alternatives. One idea was to create a blogroll widget.  I didn’t find a way to do that directly from Delicious, but somewhere I picked up the idea of using Google Reader.

Bundle Clips

No simple way to transfer bookmark links to Reader subscriptions I transferred them by hand.  Eventually I worked out that Google Reader calls blogrolls “Bundle Clip”s

See “Create a bundle clip for your website” – second option for each bundle?

— Unfortunately, it uses javascript, and WordPress apparently doesn’t like javascript–

Silver lining

It has been a bit of a pain to use Delicious to check in to each webcomic for its latest, so now Google Reader can tell me whether there is an update.  I do not mind that some do not let their images through — as I understand their need for ad support.

How did they get there?

Import OPML – hiccup, hiccup

FIRST (in retrospect): Create a new link category.

So, with the OPML Importer plugin, WordPress will import OPML files to a blogroll. BUT: did you know that there are already some links in the “Blogroll” category of links?  I did not.

Unfortunately there is no bulk edit option to recategorise my newly imported links to distinguish them from those I had not even known existed.  For what does WordPress use these links anyway? — However (really getting into silver linings today) considering I was already editing each one-by-one, I figured I might as copy across my notes on each for its description because I do like on-hover explanations before I follow a link.

Link Widget

Finally I was ready to create a link widget (sidebar blogroll). This is (as long as I am not on my Xoom) as easy as drag, drop and refine. ie: select the special category, decide whether to show descriptions and ratings.  Oh yes, I could rate them!

I wonder if and how groups that use WordPress as a content management system use this Links management capacity.

I must also learn more about this XFN thing – what do people do with that?

Something to learn about – if not for this subject

I wonder if I can manage to publish before I go looking for images to make that blogroll or this post prettier?

I feel proud :-)

cue game winning moments

… over the mountain …

Tonight, despite the lingering dizziness from Saturday’s pain medication…

… through the woods …

CSS? Div this? ID that? sweep it all aside, I go back and wrestle with html.

… face to the sun …

I worked out how to line up the social media icons in the text widget in my sidebar, without messing (yet) with Child Themes.
(Social media icons are courtesy of the Responsive Theme where they normally, and still do, appear in the footer)

At least, I thought it was an achievement (turning a vertical ul into a horizontal one); but maybe I could simply have placed them there side by side, considering I was handcoding anyway? And yes that means that if/when I add others as they become available I will need to hand-alter the widget 🙂

In any case, I achieved what I wanted 🙂

Not only that, but I’ve (hopefully, all going well,) puzzled my way through the details of the WP to Twitter plugin so that I can autopost this blog to my secondary Twitter account. This involved setting up a Twitter developer account and finding my bit.ly API. I’d have gone for su.pr because it has one less character but already had a bit.ly account of which I had not yet made full use.

cue game winning moments
As proud as when I achieved status of “Supreme Chief of all Hospitals” in the game Theme Hospital.

I could tie this in to the whole INF2506 learning thing, by associating it with the discussions hither and yon about tying social media accounts together or the value of coding skills … but honestly, I learned that before this subject too. And right now feels too glorious to go chasing up references.


Motivational Helen Keller Quotes via kwout

Oh my literary friends …

Please, shower me
with better quotations
to express the
pride and joy
a being feels after
plowing through
to exhult in
deserved glory
of tiny achievements.